What we do

We report on mining projects and offer promotional assistance to mining-service companies. 


We report on mining projects in Australia and (where driven from Australia) mining projects overseas. 

We focus on projects from a pre-feasibility stage through to early construction.

Our reports include details of the key people involved in projects (e.g. project managers, engineering consultants and, when appointed, contractors).

Reports are issued at least twice a month. They are delivered to subscribers in PDF and Excel formats. In addition, subscribers have access to our project database, which provides a convenient storage place for reports, as well as allowing for the organisation of reports by criteria such as location, commodity and company. 


Using presentations such as those shown opposite on this website, we assist mining-service companies to reach those people listed in our reports, e.g. project managers with mining companies, engineering consultants. 

For subscriptions, see Order Form above. 

For further information on our services, please contact us at melbourne@resourcesmonitor.com.au or +61 411 478307. 

Source: Stephen Codrington

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Dust-collection technology design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance services, supplied globally. The company recently commissioned dust-collection systems for an ore-crushing facility at a mine in Broken Hill (where mining of lead-silver-zinc has taken place since the 1880s). This was done through the engineering consultant, Calibre Group.

Markets: global.



Mr Trevor Baud, Managing Director, +61 401 658154, trevor.baud@luehrfilter.com.au
Mr Darren Edwards, Applications Manager, +61 3 9005 9086, darren.edwards@luehrfilter.com.au


Head office: Melbourne, Australia, +61 3 9005 9086, www.luehrfilter.com.au.



Suppliers of a range of air release, knife-gate and pinch valves for the mining and water sectors. Typical applications are found in mineral processing, power generation and water and wastewater facilities.


Markets: Australia and the Pacific. For projects beyond these regions, Vent-O-Mat works in conjunction with Dynamic Fluid Control, its South African parent company.



Mr Graham Urry, General Manager, Perth, +61 448 090670, gurry@ventomat.com.au

Mr Steve Cockin, Brisbane, +61 408 552151, scockin@ventomat.com.au (mining)

Mr Stuart McIsaac, Perth, +61 448 090660, stuartm@ventomat.com.au (mining)

Mr Jeremy Kerrigan, Sydney, +61 414 552169, jkerrigan@ventomat.com.au (water)

Mr Dino Machado, Brisbane, +61 499 922686, dmachado@ventomat.com.au (new business)


Head office: Sydney, +61 2 8814 9699, www.ventomat.com.au